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The facts for engineered vs. solid hardwood flooring

Engineered vs. hardwood flooring is an age-old debate, with lots of misinformation floating around. Some swear by one and some by the other, but the truth is, the only thing that matters is, which one is right for you?And that’s what we’re here to find out.

When you want to truth about engineered vs. solid hardwood info, it can be hard to find. But we hope to clear up some of the misconceptions by offering some truthful, informative advice about how the two materials differ and what makes either of them right for your own home.

Engineered vs. solid hardwood: what you need to know

The facts have always remained, that engineered vs. solid hardwood is anything but a showdown. Each has attributes that are worthy of your time, so let’s get right into finding out what they are.

Solid hardwood flooring is hundreds of years old and has been used as a floor covering almost as long as there have been homes. It’s extremely durable, offers true classic elegance, and can last up to 100 years. You can refinish solid wood floors several times, depending on the thickness of the boards used in the original installation.
However, solid wood can never be installed below grade, i.e., in basement rooms, and must be acclimated before installation.

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great alternative for basement areas, as these materials do not react to humidity, dampness, moisture, or temperature changes. No expansion gaps are needed, and the need for acclimation varies, based on certain conditions.

Engineered hardwood also offers great benefits like a solid construction featuring plies of wood onto which a veneer of the real hardwood of your choice is laid. A top wear layer also protects against wear and damage, leaving you with a gorgeous floor covering.
Engineered Vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring in Cookeville, TN area from Conner Bros Wood Flooring

Engineered vs. solid hardwood, find your answers here

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